Javascript based Blowfish text encryption/decryption

You can enter in the box below either plain text and encrypt it or you can copy/paste blowfish+base64 encrypted text and de-cipher it. The "secret" plain text does not leave your computer as javascript runs just locally in your browser. You can e.g use this page to send encrypted messages over unsecured channels such as email.

Key/pass phrase(8-56 char):

You must enable javascript in your browser to use this page.

This application does not require any special software to be installed. It works on smartphones, tablets and computers across different operating systems. To exchange a secret pass phrase you can either meet the other person or provide a hint that only you and the other person know (e.g. "the title of the book we discussed recently, all lower case letters with spaces").

You can install this application permanently on your computer by saving this page on your desktop. It's only one single html page with no references to other pages or sites.
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